-What levels of Swedish are taught?
Levels are depending on the students, but we have material for beginners as well as more advanced conversational groups. Since classes are taught in private and not on a full time bases, we have a chance to choose level based on who signs up and what is needed.

 -How large are the groups?
We only teach smaller groups (4 to 8 persons), for you to have the best chance of practicing as much as possible during class.

 -How much does it cost?
Cost varies depending on group size & amount of weeks the class runs. (Different depending on level & season)

 -Whatís the minimum age for taking a class?
Minimum age is 18.

 -Where is the class held?
Depending on what class. Email for more detailed information.

 -We are a family / group who wants to take a cross cultural training session. How does it work?
Email for more info on cross cultural training. The session is formed out of the groupís special needs.